How can I start a thread?

Once you click onto a relevant forum for example “Neurology” and then “Create a New topic.” This will be the title of the thread and you can write your post and submit and its posted.

Is it really anonymous?

Yes! Whether you are a registered user or not the forum plug in does not post any name, contact information or IP addresses to the website

How do I know it is safe to post personal information?

The website uses security through WordPress which is embedded onto an already secure platform. This ensures if a random user posted information it could not be tracked to which individual that was.

It is critical for the integrity of the site for any user not to post any confidential information. That is with or without consent of the individual. Please do not mention any names, contact information, specific locations or descriptions that can identify an individual or company. We need to protect sensitive information for legal and ethical reasons and if a logged in user reports any comment of this nature this will be removed by a moderator. You can also email support@the-happy-doc.com if there is any post which breaches confidentiality or in question so it can be reviewed.

Every user has a responsibility for what they post and the admin reserves the right to remove any content if it is of a concern to the anonymous status of our forums.

Why is there an option to register if this is not required to post a thread?

Registration is an option if a user wants to receive email notifications for replies to a thread. The alternative is to check on the site for any follow ups to a post.

Is this site only for doctors?

Not at all. The forums are designed for anyone in the medical profession however the site is not restrictive, its open to the general public so anyone with an interest in the medical field can join in. It will also be important to be aware you may not be receiving advice from a qualified individual due to the anonymity.

I want to support The Happy Doc how can I be involved?

We would be delighted to welcome you as an ambassador to the site as anyone working in the medical field. Please contact us on the website link and we can discuss how to get involved.

I made a post in error or wish to remove content from the site how can I do this?

In the same way that any offensive or confidential breaching posts can be flagged by a logged in user or an email sent to support@the-happy-doc.com and topics or replies can be deleted.