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    One of the big current problems in the US and, likely, the world is drug shortages. Over the past decade we have had rolling shortages of various anesthetic agents such as thiopental and midazolam. In the last 2-3 years, these shortages have affected an increasing number of medications. We are now in a situation where even local anesthetics and narcotics such as fentanyl are in short supply. Some of these shortages are due to certain generic drugs not being profitable for the drug compounding companies. Other reasons include natural disasters affecting production as we witnessed in the Caribbean, where many drugs are compounded.
    While the reasons are important, – and changes should be enacted – an important goal is to improve our system of ensuring inventory of critically important drugs in the operative and post-operative such as short-acting opioid analgesics and local anesthetics to prevent either substandard anesthetic care (which will affect patient outcomes) or cancellations of cases.

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    Is it a case of future price increases due to demand over supply or is the availability going force a change in medical practices I wonder

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