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    I have had a recent psychiatry placement and there are major risks with the long on calls which lead to chronic sleep deprivation. It affects everything including the ability to concentrate at work and also home life. One becomes irritable and short of patience when operating on little sleep. The system is understaffed which means that there are more frequent on calls which one could argue compromises patient safety. Add to that the lack of senior support especially when dealing with patients who are in the PICU. As an SHO i am responsible for clerking in these patients and they are very challenging. I feel that the system needs change

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    Psychiatry on calls are less intense that medical on calls arguably or in other acute settings. So although they have long on calls I have found it to be quite variable. On some on calls it can be quiet so I hope it balances out for the ones that have been busy. I have had good conditions such as a bed. I know the system is tough when there is not enough junior doctors. You are right about the system and I think this is where it can improve

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