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    2nd year pre clinical student here. Thinking of calling it quits. Just had my summer exams and I know they all went bad. I’m not enjoying it at all. I know people will say wait for the clinical years but its the workload that I’m not coping with. If this is whats in store for medical school and beyond I’m not sure I want to do it. I felt this way after 1st year and thought wait till 2nd year and it really hasn’t improved

    Quick Reply: I am listening.Here is a hug.
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    Hang in there! I can say that most people in medical school feel this way at some point. Me and a lot of my friends definitely talked about it during our time in medical school. You should discuss it with friends and your tutor if you can. Stick at it. The work does really get better once your in hospital too. Seeing what your learned in practice. Good luck!

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