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    Is it too late to change to a medical career after I have started in dental school? I am not sure this is what I want but I will waste so much time and then what if I don’t get in?

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    I just first want to understand where you are at in your process. Have you already started dental school? Are you in the process of taking exams and applying? Are you thinking about applying? If it is time you are worried about then applying to medical school and going through the process of school, residency, and possible fellowship will take even longer than dental school. However that wouldn’t matter if you are passionate about either dental or medical profession. I personally believe (and have spoken to others who have gone through the decision making process) that it is best to go into a field you are passionate about and enjoy doing. It would be much more devastating to be stuck in a career where you are unhappy. It is far better to go through a more difficult process but know it is something you do/will enjoy day in and day out. Take some time out to do some soul searching. See what you enjoy. Hopefully then you will be guided towards the right decision. Hope this helps!

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    I am listening.

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    Here is a hug.

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