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    I work in the jail and monitor pts detoxing off of alcohol, benzodiazepines, or opiates. We monitor them every 4 hrs, check vital signs and medicate them if needed and hydrate them. A lot of them are inmates who come in and out of jail all the time and they know the exact process of the detox program. They come in wanting the special drug that will help with their withdrawal which is buprenorphine so they ask right away when we assess them for it. Once they get that drug they are perfectly fine and they’ll be back a few months, weeks or even days later they are back again in jail for the same problem. It’s a process that never ends and the inmates don’t learn anything because they get buprenorphine. They don’t realize or care that buprenorphine is actually a stronger drug than heroin and has a bad effect on the body in the long run.

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    Wow that’s so interesting. They should have better programs in the jails if they see inmates are coming back in. The point is to keep inmates out of jail right? Lol

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